Dr. Ayşe İrem Keskin

Asst. Prof. Dr. Ayşe İrem Keskin
Head of the Program


Increased needs and spreading of the facilities and mechanisms to meet such needs from the international markets cause gradual increases year by year in the share of international trade in the economy of our country and also in the world economies. This intensity which is currently being experienced in the international trade necessitates fast, technical and error-free export and import operations for the implementations in the world. And this situation brings forth Turkey's need for technically-equipped and well-educated manpower in the sector. On the basis of the foregoing, a "Foreign Trade Program" was opened within the body of Vocational School for Social Sciences which has been going on with its specialist instructors, effective curriculum, and student quota which is full every year.

The Foreign Trade Program was entirely designed to meet the medium-level work power required by the sector and the areas of the courses include economics, business, computer and foreign trade techniques and applications. Some of the courses are: Introduction to Economics, International Economics, Business, Marketing, Accounting, Customs Procedures and Operations, Import & Export Transactions, Transport Management, Currency Exchange Management, Financing Foreign Trade, and Logistics. Course are given under circumstances where interactive participations with instructors are realized, real examples are discussed, and the subjects are supported by home-works and projects. In addition to this, the training at institutions and enterprises related to foreign trade which each student is obliged to fulfill intends to provide real business life applications.

Those graduated from our program after 2 years can easily find jobs, if they prefer; as import and export employees in foreign trade firms; as warehouse, inventory control, shipment or operation employees in logistics companies; as technicians in exchange departments of banks; experts in customs consultancy firms; at various positions for college graduates in the public sector; as marketing and sales employees and experts in international trade firms. Furthermore, the knowledge level of our graduates is sufficient to work in family businesses or found and manage their own "Foreign Trade Import & Export Companies". Besides this, those who wish to continue their academic lives can attend 4-year business, economics, banking and finance, work economy, logistics management, capital market, foreign/international trade departments of state and foundation universities, provided that they get the adequate grade from DGS exam.

They can also transfer to a 4-year license degree program in the disciplines listed below, upon their success in the examination performed by Council of Higher Education (YOK):

  • Banking
  • Banking and Finance
  • Banking and Insurance
  • Labor economics and Industrial Relations
  • Economics
  • Economics and Finance
  • Business Administration
  • Business Information Systems
  • Business Administration-Economics
  • Logistics Management
  • Capital Markets
  • Capital Markets and Grading
  • International Finance
  • International Business Administration and Trade
  • International Business Administration and Trade
  • International Logistics
  • International Trade
  • International Trade and Finance
  • International Trade and Logistics