Asuman DOĞAN 2012 Star Newspaper Works at Color Separation - Graphics department.
Ceylan İkizler 2012 Kanal 24 Arts Correspondent
Deniz SELET 2012 Aydın University, Graphics undergraduate student
Hazal Sinem KAPLAN 2012 Unit Production Manager
Onur NALCI 2012 Promogube Works as Account Executive
Bilgecan TANDOĞAN 2011 Photoghrapher of Rafet El Roman and other artists.
Büşra KURU 2011 İnfinity Teknoloji Responsible for animation
Ceren ÇETİNTAŞ 2011 Net Ticaret – Webmaster
Emre TARKU 2011 Akdeniz University, Visual Communication Design
Gürsel AKTAŞ 2011 Gökbora International Logistics Firm Customs Assistant Consultant
Hazal YILDIZ 2011 Limango – Photograph editor
Leyla İBİŞ 2011 Freelance Producer
Ayla TERZİ 2010 NG Digital Graphics Designer
Bengü EROL 2010 Private Shopping Limango, works at Campaign Management
Doğukan ERTUĞRUL 2010 METU Mechanical Engineering
Fırat AKKUŞ 2010 Kadir Has Üniversitesi Enformasyon Teknolojileri 4. Sınıf öğrencisi
Gökçe ÇAMLICALI 2010 Gebze Institute of Technology Electronics Engineering
İbrahim YAĞMUR 2010 AcerPro Art Director
Kevork İSKETE 2010 Kİ – MA Ajans/ÇIĞ Matbaacılık, Business Owner
Mecit HIZAL 2010 Halkbank Staff Training Department
Mert ÖZKANER 2010 Ad – Stop Works as Art Director
Özgür BOZER 2010 Kadir Has University Computer Engineering
Pelin ŞENTÜRK 2010 Mimar Sinan Üniversitesi Güzel Sanatlar Fakültesi, Grafik Tasarım
Seda SEZGİN 2010 İstanbul University,  Econometrics, Senior student
Ufuk ÇİÇEK 2010 Kadir Has University, Information Technologies, Senior Student
Uğur SARIKAYA 2010 Program consultant at SAP Consulting firm
Veysel ŞEKER 2010 Kadir Has University International Trade and Logistics Senior Student
Ahmet Erim SUYABASMAZ 2009 İş Yatırım Menkul Değerler A.Ş. Corporate Communications Specialist
Betül AKKOYUNLU 2009 Turkuvaz Medya Corporate Communications and Public Relations Specialist
Mert AYDIN 2009 Kadir Has University International Trade and Logistics Senior Student
Murat Fuat YAZICIOĞLU 2009 Marmara University Business School Undergraduate Student and E-Trade Manger at Spor Dünyası A.Ş.
Özlem SÖNMEZ 2009 Graphic Designer & Animation
Sevil DAĞ 2009 Ethica Hospital  - Corporate Communication Specialist
Atilla ÇALIŞ 2008 Transvoss Global Project Business Development Manager
Can AYANOĞLU 2008 Yaban TV – Public Relations Specialist
Duygu ONUR 2008 TEL-PA Communication Supervisor
Gökçe ER 2008 Kağıthane  Municipality Public Relations Specialist
Kübra ARLI 2008 Ziraat Bank – Training Department
Memnune BULUT 2008 Güngören Municipality Public Relations Specialist
Süleyman YÜZÜAK 2008 TÜRKSAT A.Ş Business Development Specialist
Tayfun EKDAL 2008 Got his bachelor's degree in UK.
Volkan TÜMKOR 2008 Yaban TV – Media Production Manager
Nilüfer AKALIN 2007 Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Photography
Mehmet Ferit EREL 2002 Got his Bachelor of Science Degree from New-york Polytechnic University, Computer Engineerimng Department in USA. Works as an engineer in PROBİL.


Sevil DAĞ (Public Relations and Information)


After I graduated From Kadir Has University successfully in June,2009, I applied for different companies thanks to my good academic background. Choosing this university is one of the right decisions in my life. I started working as a corporate communication executive for ETHICA HEALTH GROUP in August, 2009. The lessons and the projects I had at university help me a lot. Now I can see clearly how those lessons and projects are helpful with my job. I would like to thank to my university and all my teachers for the position that I have now.  

Betül AKKOYUNLU (Printed and Publication Technologies)

BetülI started working right after I graduated from high school and I realized that I was not satisfied with my education. So I decided to have a university degree. I was 22 years old and I wanted to do something interactive. I studied Printing and Publication Technologies at Kadir Has University because I was interested in most of the subjects taught there, such as photography, design and public relations. We were the first graduates of our department and now I see that I made a very good thing by choosing Kadir Has University. Now I am in charge of Communications and Public Relations at Turkuaz Media.

Bengü EROL (Printed and Publication Technologies)

bengüI was graduated from Kadir Has University as the second best student of my department. After I had graduated from the university I attended Bilge Adam Academy and completed the web design programme with high honors. Then I started working as an assistant in Limango, a company on Private Shopping. My self confidence has improved every time I managed something and so has my happiness. I do thank my teachers who have always been very helpful.

Onur NALCI (Public Relations and Publicity)

OnurI was graduated from Kadir Has University as the second best student of my department. Now I am working as an Account Executive at Promoqube, a company Pioneer in social media. The social activities that I participated at Kadir Has University helped me a lot to improve myself. Thanks to the compulsory period of internship in the university education, I headed towards social media field. I feel lucky because I studied Public Relations at University and I specialized in social media. I was also graduated from Distance Learning Faculty.

Deniz SELET (Graphic Design)

I graduated validictorian of my department. Currently I am attending Aydın University to complete my undergraduate degree. Thanks to my teachers’ support at Kadir Has University, without their help I would not be able to pass external transfer exam. Ebru Dede, one of my instructors at Kadir Has University, helped me find a job so I had the chance to both reinforce my school knowledge and also see the ambiance of the sector in the profession environment. I am taking firm steps forward in the Graphical Design area.

Atilla ÇALIŞ (Logistics)


While carrying on my education in the Logistics Program, we welcomed prominent names of the logistics sector in our vocational school within the frame of our Logistics Club’s activities which we established with the support of our school. Thus I was able to prepare myself in the best way I could for the sector by blending the practical knowledge I got from them with my theoretical knowledge. I was a member of  a lot of very important projects on the basis of the sector together with my teachers, each a specialist in its own field, and I have always felt the difference both in my school and business lives undeniably. I commenced my business life in UPS as a sales representative and then I carried on my career in GTT Logistics with the same title. Now I am continuing my career as the Business Development Director in Transvoss Global Projects, which organizes project transports of world brands. Now I feel the support of the knowledge I received during my university education, my teachers who are very precious for me, and the professionals in the logistics sector in many areas and projects. I would like to express my endless gratitude to them. I would also like to tell that I will be very happy to give you my support, which once we needed too, in case you prefer the Logistics Department.

Murat Fuat YAZICIOĞLU (2007-2009 SBMYO International Logistics Department)

MuratSBMYO International  Logistics programme, which I started in 2007, was the first step as well as an important  guidance in my career. I enhanced the theoretical and tecnical  knowledge with an intern programme at Ekol Logistics Import and Export department in 2008. After obtaining my degree in 2009, I started working as a Marine Operations Expert Assistant at Matraş Group Logistics Department. By transferring to Bosphorous Stationary in 2011, I got an important opportunity to work at both national and international Sales and Marketing departments of a leading company in its domain. Meanwhile, I completed my Business Bachelor Degree at Anadolu University. At the moment, I’m getting a business   bachelor degree at Marmara University that I started from 3rd grade . I’m currently managing the e-commerce of Sports World, where I started to work in 2012.



Hello dear School, where I experienced friendship, love and many different things. Now I’m far away from you in the middle of life. You cannot imagine how much I miss you. Your value was different when I was with you. Now I’m far away and I even value  you  more. Maybe you’ve forgotten me! I’m Süleyman Yüzüak who had already had a business bachelor degree, completed his military service when he came to you. Still you welcomed me with open arms.  Sometimes ‘Brother Süleyman’, one term school chief, finally instructor Süleyman. Now I’m sure you’ve remembered me. What am I doing right now? I completed my higher studies after I graduated. Now I’m far away from you. I work at TÜBİTAK in Ankara as a Job Development specialist. I try to earn your praise. I’d llike to thank to Kadir Has for founding such a great university. It’s impossible to forget dear Erol Üçdal. I thank to all academic and administrative staff  especially Ahmet Yörük for being there for us. As long as you exist this wonderful education institute will continue to contribute to life.  Last but not the least, dear fellow students, I don’t know your opinion of the school right now, but believe me you’ll have a lot to compliment when you graduate. As the saying goes, ‘Instead of hitting the target why wait?’ Don’t bend your heads while talking about the past. You’ll most likely brag about being a Kadir Has graduate.


GürselWith the idea of there is no limit to determination and success , I turned back to university after 6 years of interval. There may be some difficulties in life but the idea never stopped me walking towards my target. I held my target high and worked towards it. I learned  a lot about the job at Kadir Has University and my teachers’ work experiences contributed tremendously. Right now I ‘m working as an assistant  Customs Councellor at Gökbora Logistics Company, which is the 3 rd biggest company in its field. I just reached the first step of my target through this position. I achieved it due to Kadir Has University. I’d like to thank to all who have contributed.



After I completed my studies at Kadir Has University Social Sciences Vocational School Banking and Insurance Department, I got into  Istanbul University Economety Department and now I’m continuing my education. My university always supported me to be social and entpreneurial. I was accepted to Ing Bank  internship thanks to my good education at the university  and it helped me gain a habit of not spending my summers idle. My internship  at Denizbank was for one month originally, but it was extended to 3 months. You shouldn’t scorn  internship. In fact you gain insight about  the job you really want. At the end of my internship, I started to work part time  at the same place. I worked for a year there. I wanted to go to the USA, so I quit the job. I gained a lot of experience through Work and Travel and I advise it to all students. Sometimes things don’t go as they should, but the important thing is perseverance and self confidence. I believe ambition is a must for success. There is nothing impossible, it only takes a while. I strongly advocate for  the aforementioned saying. I would like to thank to Bora  Selçuk, Cüneyt Dirican, Yüceay Kandoğmuş and Binnaz Karalı who helped me build my belief in me. Nobody is superior over others, maybe a little more disciplined or more hardworking. And this shouldn’t be a war we can’t win. I take part at the board of Kadir Has University Graduates Association and thus always proudly be with my school

Veysel ŞEKER (Foreign Trade)


After I had graduated from Foreign Trade program with a good grade in 2010, I went to Texas, USA to attend an English course for a year. When I came back to Turkey, I had the DGS exam and became one of the first DGS students in International Trade and Logistics department in School of Applied sciences. I am looking forward to getting my bachelor's degree in 2013.Our university not only helps us with the academic education but also gives us responsibilities in all social activities in the campus and club for our entrepreneurship and helps complete our personal development. I am the president of ‘Arts and Culture’ club and the vice president of ‘ Logistics’ club. We are organizing events and seminars and providing opportunities for our friends to join our clubs. I would like to express my gratitude to the deceased Kadir Has and would like to thank to all Kadir Has family.

Mert AYDIN (International Transportation and Logistics)

MertI graduated from International Transportation and Logistics  program in 2009. Then I started to study at Girne American University in Cyprus. After I had studied there for two semesters, I was transferred to Kadir Has University International Trade and Logistics department because of its high quality of education. I have had a lot of opportunities for my personal development by the help of student clubs and organizations. I have been the president of ‘Logistics’ club for three years and managed 3 important conferences.   I would like to thank my family and all members of Kadir Has University. I am very happy with being a member of this family.

Özlem SÖNMEZ (Printing and Publication Technologies)

ÖzlemI graduated from the university as the top student in the department in 2010. By the help of my training in Hürriyet Newspaper, I started working as a graphic designer in publishing business in seven months. As the place where I worked has the press, I was able to learn both publishing and the tips for printing in a short time. I had enough experience in publishing business by the help of my education and the experienced people in my company. After I worked there for one and a half year, I decided to change my job for the self-development. I learned animation in addition to my knowledge of graphic and printing in my new job. My aim now is learning three dimensional modelling. I love my job and learning new things is very enjoyable. Academic education is not enough. The important thing is being able to use your knowledge in business life.

HAZAL SİNEM KAPLAN (Radio and TV Technologies)

I graduated from Radio and TV Technologies program in 2012. From 2010 to 2012 I had the chance to add 4 full-length documentaries, 6 short films, 1 full-length film to my portfolio by the help of the head of the Radio and TV Technologies program Zeynep Üstünipek. Therefore, I was able to start working as a program producer and director in a New Media called ‘Foigros Media’ before graduating from the university. Also I had the chance to be the Media Director. Although I had the opportunity to progress in Media sector, I decided to work in cinema sector. Now I am an assistant producer and director.

MERT ÖZKANER  (Printing and Publication Technologies) 

After I graduated from the university as the top student in the department in 2010, I started to work in advertisement sector by designing websites. Because of my great enthusiasm for interesting ideas and impressive designs, I was promoted to the director position in an advertising agency called ‘RDB Creative Group’. I have had experience in concept jobs, integrated campaigns, from traditional adventure to digital and corporate identity. Now I continue my career as an Art Director in an advertising agency called Ad-Stop. All the experience I gained from every project motivates me a lot. The  customers I have worked with so far can be listed as; Bilkom (exclusive distributor of Apple in Turkey), Converse, Accessorize, Bebe, Pronet, Turkish Airlines, Çalık Denim, Amplio, Zone, Elmacıpazarı, elamsepeti, Gras Savoye, Mbis, Columbia, Mavi Jeans, Maxi TV, Karamel TV, ZYX GmbH, Isthar, Passion Jazz, Bliskiss, Fempa, Charlotte, Bistro, Istanbul Yiyecek-İçecek, Downtown Accessory, Assos, Ceditwest, Interview, Kuyumcukent, Küçükçalık, Lineador, Scavolini, Sarar and Weddindworld. In addition to these, because of my passion for music, I have worked as a DJ in Mikla Restaurant since 2005.

Ufuk ÇİÇEK (Computer Programming) 

I was graduated from Computer Programming associate’s degree program with a degree. I won our University’s Information Technologies Department in consequence of DGS (external transfer) exam. I received my system and network specialist certificate and network engineering title while continuing my undergraduate education. My objective at present is to obtain my License with a good degree. Associate’s degree program was my stepping stone and the rest have been actualized as I planned.

Asuman DOĞAN (Printing and Publication Technologies)

It read, “Kadir Has University, Printing and Publication Technologies (Full Scholarship)”. I was really delighted with that. Then and only then did I know it was the right place to realize the life. I do not comprehend how the two years had gone by; they just flew away as the saying goes. As all good things come to an end, those two years came to an end too. Each teacher has some contribution on us naturally, but we can never pay our department head’s care on us. I learned too many things from my department’s head in respect to both perspective on life and also my education. Now I can proudly say, “So glad that I am a Kadir Has graduate”. I commenced working at Star Daily in the Technical Department, Color Separation (Graphics) division only after three months I had graduated from school. I never hesitated about being successful in my work although it was my first experience. I set off with self confidence and contribution of Kadir Has University in this respect is really great!