A. Söğütoğlu

Lec. Ahmet Söğütlüoğlu
Head of the Program

We, as the Public Relations and Information Program, act as being aware of the fact that communication, which can be fed by many disciplines, needs multi-skilled professionals. Public Relations and Information are handled together as interactive departments. The student who studies to understand the program and the place he/she would like to see himself/herself in the sector during the first year through basic and creative courses becomes aware of the profession and realizes which works he/she will carry out by means of the obligatory intern training during the summer term, thus enters the second year with detailed information about the position he/she wishes to achieve. Our experienced academicians who try to transfer their effective knowledge to our students through creative methods focus on seeing their students as their colleagues as of this year and obtain efficiency from applied studies. The Public Relations and Information Club invites professionals from the sector to provide our students a solidarity ambiance that will enable them to increase their professional cultures.

We find cooperation with other programs - Radio and Television Technology, Printing and Publishing Technology - through the projects carried out by the students utmost useful with regard to developing human relations and increasing professional vision. For this reason, we reinforce inter-program cooperation in graduation projects.

Those who pass the first year with a successful average at the end of the first year may receive scholarships at various levels in the second year subject to their averages.

Three routes are advised to our students who are graduated from this program: First one is to enter the sector; second one is to attend the Open University, and the last one is to get prepared for DGS exam. Our students who wish to commence their business lives may find positions according to their skills in public relations and Information, marketing, human resources departments of various institutions and enterprises as well as creation, strategy and marketing sections of advertising agencies. Students who particularly choose continuing their education may resume their careers from the third (junior) classes of four-year Economics and Business departments in the Open University once they are graduated from the Vocational School. Those who wish to take the DGS exam may pass the central exam organized by ÖSYM and continue their undergraduate education in the following departments.

Undergraduate Departments that Students Graduated from Public Relations and Information School May Choose in DGS

  • Public Relations
  • Public Relations and Information
  • Public Relations and Information
  • Communication
  • Communication Sciences
  • Communication Arts
  • Communication Design
  • Communication and Design
  • Advertisement Design and Communication
  • Advertising
  • Advertising and Public Relations